Since Volkswagen has already presented the 5-door version Up! it was only natural for a 5-door version Skoda Citigo to be introduced as well, the two cars, are based on the same platform after all.
So here is the first image with the latest addition to the Citigo subcompact range, with the automaker announcing that this 5-door version will have its public premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor How in March.
Together with the 3-door variant, the 5-door Citigo will enter the European markets in mid May, with both versions being offered with a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol unit featuring two levels of output, 60 HP (44 kW) or 75 HP (55 kW).
According to Skoda this engine will enable consumption figures of 4.1-litres per 100 Km and CO2 emissions of 96 g/Km in the most efficient Green tec variant Citigo. 

Source: Skoda