Now, the Skoda SUV line-up has three models, one of them being available only in China. We are speaking about the Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq. But soon we’ll see another new SUV developed by the Czech car manufacturer. 

For now we don’t know its name but we do know for sure it will be positioned below the Karoq and Kodiaq. As a result, the new Skoda baby-SUV will compete against the Nissan Juke or Renault Captur. 

According to some voices the model will be unveiled in the next 12 months and will be based on the MQB-A0 platform, the same architecture used on the Volkswagen T-Cross SUV. 

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More than that, the new model will come with lots of space, a charatersitic typical to Skoda models. 

“We always position our cars at the upper end of the segment, so we have a longer wheelbase, have a bigger boot and more space in the interior. This is a segment which opened up a couple of years ago, and as we want to take part and have a piece of the cake, this car fits perfectly”, said Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier.