Over the last five weeks, Honda has had six build teams customizing the all-new 2015 Honda Fit through the brand’s Project Vehicle Program.  The Honda Fit is the American version of the Honda Jazz.  The program was designed to demonstrate the personalization possibilities of the new Honda Fit.  Projects cars will be on display at the upcoming 2014 SEMA Show.
About a week remains for auto enthusiast fans to vote for their favorite customized Fit project.  Program runs through October 22nd.  The fan favorite vehicle will be announced November 4th in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show.   All six project vehicles will be on display at the Honda booth at the show.
Honda selected six teams:  Bisimoto Engineering, Kontrabrands, MAD Industries, Spoon Sports USA, Tjin Edition, and award-winning Kenny Vinces.  The Bismoto build brings more of a low profile racing model with racing colors and larger wheels.  Spoon Sports USA build has two-tone paint and lowered suspension.  The other builds have larger fenders and negative camber angled wheels.
You can follow their progress by visiting Honda’s Tumblr page to see phots, animated GIFs, and videos of the project vehicles.  The posts on the site will be categorized into themes – “Preview” which reveals design illustrations and renderings, “Show Us Your Mods” showing the five vehicle modifications, and “In Progress” .  You vote by liking and reblogging posts tagged with #ProjectFit.  The winning team will receive Honda award and social promotions. 

Source: Honda