If you want to pack some serious amounts of power into your Volkswagen Golf R then you need to give Siemoneit Racing, a German tuner from Stade, a call.
They can help you turn you standard Golf R into a machine that delivers 530 HP thanks to a series of modification that include a high-pressure fuel pump and a new intercooler, but if you think that is bit to much, the company is also offering a more restrained package that increases the output to 355 HP and 485 Nm which consists of a remapped engine control unit, a new intake system and a new exhaust.
Not only is the Siemoneit Racing Volkswagen Golf R quicker, but according to the company, it also changes gears more efficiently due to a series of electronic changes and mechanical modifications which enable more fun at the wheel, whether the car rolls on public roads or on the race track.
Apart from everything we mentioned above, Siemoneit Racing can also fit the Volkswagen Golf R with a carbon fiber bonnet and shave a few kilos off its weight.   

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ECU Modification:                         698€
DSG Modification:                        298€
Exhaust System:                         1749€
Intake System:                               449€
Center Intercooler:                      1199€
High Pressure Fuel Pump:          499€

Source: Siemoneit Racing