The design and the interior is futuristic in concept, good standards and is full of frills that do not reach the production stage. About production plans said Nissan has not yet indicated whether they "want to take into production. And if there should be something in the showrooms that are similar, then these showrooms are not in Europe.
Nissan unveiled a new design study at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show, it is called the Compact Sport Concept, and if you ask us, this is how the current Micra should have looked like from the start. But anyway back to the Concept, this new 3-door hatch was designed by Nissan’s studio in Japan in collaboration with their design centre in China and it is basically a beefed up Micra that uses sportier looking components like new bumpers, revamped headlights and taillights, a reshaped bonnet, a new windscreen which extends on to the roof, wider wheel arches and newly styled alloys.
The Nissan Compact Sport Concept uses a 1.6-litre engine boosted by a turbocharger which develops 190 HP and which spins the wheels via a CVT transmission.

Source: Nissan