Austin’s 96.7 KISS FM teamed up with Southwest Kia in Round Rock and deliver a special contest for Kia fans. The contest was named "Kiss a Kia" and the prize was a shiny new 2017 Optima LX worth about $22,000. 

20 people have registered and then surrounded the sedan to kiss it in a 50-hour marathon streamed on Facebook Live. For each hour of kissing the contenders received a 10 minute break in order to relax the lips. 

Also, each contender was asked to kiss the car in different places and positions (siting down, standing up, interior, exterior). 

Only 7 people managed to deal with the 50 hours kissing contest. Some of them left voluntarily, some were called out for their lips coming off the car. In the end, they have picked-up the winner. Its name is Dilini Jayasuriya and he is 30-years-old. As for the other six people that made it through the whole marathon, they received a bunch of consolation prizes, such as tickets to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars concerts as well as VIP Austin City Limits tickets.

Source: Kia