Only a few days ago, Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R was crowned king of the Green Hill again, after it lost the title for current Seat Leon Cupra at the begining of this year.
 The battle for the fastest front wheel drive vehicle on the Nurburgring is not over yet, as Seat threatens to regain the title. The Spanish manufacturer says that it can beat the four seconds Renault Megane S 275 Trophy-R put in front of the normal Cupra 280.
In a recent interview, Sven Schawe, Cupra chassis development manager, declared: “Yes Renault have the record, but it’s a very different type of car to ours. If we removed parts from our car, it’s only four seconds, I’m confident we could beat it.”
The Seat official also revealed that a car like this already exists and is ready to battle the Nurburgring, but a decision for mass production will be taken only after the marketing division sees some commercial potential for such a Leon Cupra 280, with no rear seats and other important comfort features.