A few months ago we have seen the Ateca. A few days ago we have been informed that Seat will come in 2017 with another small SUV. And now the big hit has arrived. In a few years we will meet the Marbella. Not the old car. A new mini-SUV that will be built on the Citigo, Mii and Up platform which will feature an electric powertrain.

According to some Rumanian sources, the Marbella will be offered with diesel and petrol units, but the big hit will come in the electric form. The range of the electric powered Marbella won’t exceed 124 miles. Apparently the motto of the new model is “keep it simple,” so it should turn out to be an affordable urban SUV.

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The new Marbella will also have a special selling program. You will not be able to buy the car. You will give an initial payment and then monthly installments which will cover insurance and maintenance. At the end of the contract, you’ll be able to give the car back and replace it with a newer version featuring a longer electric range. 

Note: Seat IBE Concept pictured

Source: seat