Sammy Hagar, ex-lead vocalist from American rock band Van Halen, has bought an all-new Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar. Joining his already impressive car collection, the brand new Maranello supercar is finished in white and will sit next to six different Ferrari models in his garage. 

Also famous for his hit song in 1984, "I Can’t Drive 55," the musician is one of 499 fortunate people to get the hybrid vehicle.

“I couldn’t be more excited, and I’m buying it (the LaFerrari) to drive it. I suspect I might even have to take some more driving courses to really be able to pilot this baby with confidence. From everything I’ve read about the LaFerrari, you need to recalibrate your brain when you get inside", says Sammy Hagar.

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Van Halen’s ex-lead singer is not the only one vocalist to get the Prancing Horse model. A month ago, Jamiroquai’s lead singer Jay Kay purchased a LaFerrari, finished in a striking Kermit Green color.

Source: WCF