A new rumor being discussed by the British
press involves a future Saab 9-2 coupe model developed together with BMW
and intended as a competitor for the Audi A1.
The company’s new boss, Victor Muller said that "Thanks to the crisis in the industry, everyone is willing to share
everything. So Spyker couldn’t have bought Saab at a better time." This could mean that the new
front-wheel drive platform on which the Saab 9-2 will be based on could
also be used on the next MINI, the third generation BMW Series 1 and by
the PSA Peugeot Citroen joint project.
The Saab 9-2 which will be based on the 9-3 platform and as far as motorisation, the automaker is expected to use small capacity turbocharged units. On the outside the Saab 9-3 could go for the same aggressive, stylish look as the Audi A1.

Source: AutoExpress