Current generation Mercedes C63 AMG represents a big challenge for every tuner, even if we are talking about the coupe, the sedan or the estate version.
But Revozport decided to take it’s chances and offer a special package that could amplify it’s sporty appearance. Dubbed C63 RBS II, the styling package includes a front splitter, ventilated hood and side skirts with a rear diffuser and trunk-mounted spoiler around back. The twin stainless steel pipes remain the same, but get sustained by the rear diffuser.
The kit will also comes with mirror casings, engine dressing and a carbon fiber grille. All accessories are made of carbon fiber and get a warranty certificate.
Revozport also released a video to showcase the changes it made for the C63 AMG. No tuning for the engine yet, but there might be surprises under the hood.

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Source: Revozport