Autocar has greeted us today with a review video featuring the Bentley Mulsanne , a car which is new in almost every aspect, considering its structure, its design and engine are all bespoke.   
Some of the details that make this new Bentley spectacular include rear arches that envelope the rear windscreen and polished stainless steel instead of chrome for the car’s brightwork. Even though some might argue than the exterior design cannot match the one on the Phantom, the Muslanne’s interior is truly impressive. 
The British car maker says the cabin takes around 170 hours to complete due to things like the wood veneer across the dash, which takes around 5 weeks to ‘evolve’ from being a tree to being a Bentley furnishing, and the leather which is processed in a traditional manner due to fact that it preserves a certain smell which customers like.
On the road the Mulsanne is not razor sharp in terms of handling, as it was never intended to be like that, but is definitely not slow either considering its 6.75-litre V8 delivers 500 bhp and over 752 lb-ft of torque from 1,750 rpm via a smooth 8-speed automatic transmission. 
Overall Autocar thinks the new Betnely Mulsanne does live up to its expectations, and is should considering it starts at 225,000 GBP. There are however a few flaws like the adaptive air suspension which does not quite offer the same ‘cushion on air’ sensation as a Rolls Royce, plus the engine could sound a little different considering it is twin-turbocharged.
Review Video: Bentley Mulsanne

Source: Autocar via YouTube