The French company is showcasing the Renault ZOE at the Paris Motor Show these days, and they say the car represents a preview for the forthcoming mass-production electric Renault.
The Renault ZOE on display in Paris is 90 percent a definitive representation of the production version which is be launched on the market in 2012, and apparently that production model they are referring to is the next generation Clio.
The Renault ZOE uses a 80 HP (60 kW) electric motor for propulsion, and this 4-door concept (4.10 m long, 1.788 m wide, 1.54 m high) with an autonomy of 160 Km, can accelerate from 0 to 100 Km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 8.1 seconds.
The Renault ZOE concept can hit a top speed of 135 Km/h and a full battery recharge takes between 3 to 8 hours. To regain 80 percent of the batteries the Renault ZOE needs to be plugged-in for only 30 minutes, while a 37 mile ride requires only a 10 minutes recharge. 
Renault press release :
Renault Renault ZOE Preview provides a realistic glimpse of the forthcoming mass-market Renault
electric car of the same name.
– A Clio-sized car featuring Renault’s new brand identity, including the new front-end signature.
– Renault ZOE Preview benefits fully from Renault’s electric vehicle expertise:
o It combines specific electric vehicle features  (fully-integrated battery, compact motor) with range management and optimisation aids o It packs everything expected of a B-segment car, including a roomy interior, a spacious boot, manoeuvrable handling in built-up areas, reassuring road holding when motoring out of town and, of course, attractive looks.
– Renault Renault ZOE Preview’s equipment package is tailored to pamper its occupants:
o A climate control system incorporating humidity level adjustment,
    o A toxicity sensor for cleaner cabin air,
o An active relaxing or stimulating scent diffuser,
o Light therapy thanks to light emitted by the central display screen.
Renault Renault ZOE Preview’s fluid, sensuous lines demonstrate that electric cars can not only be
attractive but that they can also be enjoyable daily drivers. The vehicle on display at the Paris
Motor Show is a near-definitive representation (90 per cent) of the vehicle that will be manufactured at Renault’s Flins plant, France. Its launch is scheduled for mid-2012.
Electrifying looks
Renault ZOE Preview is evidence that ‘zero-emission’ cars can combine sensuous, reassuring, sculpted styling with the promise of real driving enjoyment.
The forward position of its windscreen and the teardrop form of its rear end emphasise the impression
of fluidity, while its specific electric-car architecture permit a blunt bonnet and an intake-free front-end
which contribute to its compact footprint and efficient aerodynamics.
It stands at just 4.10 metres in length and is powered by a 60kW (80hp) motor with torque of 222Nm
that enables it to zip silently through city traffic. Renault ZOE Preview is also ideal for out-of-town journeys thanks to its 19-inch wheels and reassuring, profiled flanks.
Zero emissions during road use, excluding wear parts
Renault Renault ZOE Preview’s battery can be charged in one of three ways:
– Standard charge: This will be the most common method of charging. The Z.E. would be
charged at home or at a publically-accessible charging point. A full charge will take between
3.5 and 8 hours, depending on model (Twizy, 3.5 hours and Kangoo Z.E., Renault ZOE Preview and
Fluence Z.E. between 6 and 8 hours). For charging at home there are two methods: either a
connection via a Wall-Box (this protects the domestic circuit) or an EVSE (Electric Vehcile
Supply Equipment) offered as an option. The recommended option is the Wall-Box with the
advantages of ergonomics, speed, load optimisation and protection of both the domestic
circuit and the vehicle.
– Fast charge: In emergency, when the customer needs to charge the battery quickly, they can
connect via a public fast charge point. This will give 37 miles range in less than 10 minutes or
80% battery capacity in 30 minutes. Quickcharge will be available on Renault ZOE Preview and, at a
later date, on Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Express Z.E.
– Quickdrop battery exchange stations: In some countries, Quickdrop battery exchange
stations will be available. The customer will be able to change his depeleted battery for a
fully-charged battery in just three minutes. This scheme is currently planned in Israel and
Denmark, in partnership with Better Place.
A ’Spa Car’ for the ultimate relaxing ride
Renault Renault ZOE Preview’s equipment package is geared to ensuring the wellbeing of its
– Skin hydration: conventional air conditioning systems can have a dehydrating effect on
skin during longer journeys, but Renault ZOE Preview’s smart climate control system automatically
adjusts the humidity level inside the car to optimise the comfort of its occupants.
– Detox effect: a toxicity sensor monitors air quality and automatically closes the air vents if necessary. Harmful substances are trapped in the cabin filter to ensure that cabin air stays clean at all times.
– Stimulating or relaxing scent diffuser: an electric system actively releases different scents depending on the needs of the moment (e.g. a relaxing fragrance during the drive home from work or, on the contrary, a scent to stimulate driver vigilance when travelling at night).
This triple-effect system has been developed in association with Biotherm®, the skin biology brand of L’Oréal’s Luxury Products Division.
– Audio ambience: special music has been selected in partnership with specialist agency Creative Diffusion, which is associated with Qwartz (International New Music Awards), to harmonise the audio and relaxing experience inside the car.
– Light therapy: the central screen exudes a light that stimulates the energy of occupants and further enhances the impression of wellbeing. This feature forms part of joint-project with the world-renowned light therapy specialist, Philips.
Renault Renault ZOE Preview . Technical Specification
Standard rims (inches) 7 J 19
Length (mm) 4,086
Width (mm) 1,788
Height (mm) 1,540
Wheelbase (mm) 2,575
Front track (mm) 1,578
Rear track (mm) 1,578
Front overhang (mm) 815
Rear overhang (mm) 696
Kerb weight (kg) 1,392
Tyres Specific Michelin tyres
205/45R19 (1)
Boot volume (dm3) (VDA) 292
Type Electric
Transmission Direct drive with reducer and
forward/reverse inverter
Power EEC (kW/hp) 60/80
Torque EEC (Nm) 222
Type Lithium-ion
NEDC combined cycle range (km) 160
Power steering Electric, variable rate
Turning circle (between kerbs) (m) 10.35
Parking brake Electric
Aerodynamic coefficient (CdA) 0.29
Top speed (Kph) 135
0-100kph (s) 8.1
(1) The Michelin tyres are specific to the car. They contribute to optimising the vehicle’s range and TCU (Total Cost of Usage)
and were developed specifically for Renault ZOE within the framework of the joint‐innovation contract signed by Renault and Michelin.

Source: Renault