Clearly, if a model does not work, it must be removed. Renault is one of the firms that immediately adjust supply to demand. After abandoning the UK market with the current Laguna, Renault is ready to repeat the decision in Germany.
The French car manufacturer will no longer offer the current Fluence and Latitude on the largest car market in Europe. So far this year, from January through October, Renault has sold only 115 units of its Fluence, a bad result considering that every year, the French manufacturer sells 100.000 units on the German market.
Compact sedans in this country are an absolute niche models. Only the VW Jetta has secured significant sales. Competitors such as the four-door versions of the Mazda3, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruze are barely visible on the road.
Same situation for the bigger brother, the Latitude, which was sold in only 107 copies. Its disadvantage is that Renault only offers the car through a lease program.

Source: Renault