The British automaker has officially unveiled their new production version Range Rover based on the LRX concept which also marks the company’s 40th anniversary, and the name chosen for it is the Range Rover Evoque.
The Range Rover Evoque will be offeres both as a 2WD and a 4WD and as the automaker says, this new two door compact SUV is the company’s most fuel efficient car, but we are still waiting for the exact figures to get published along with a full photo gallery.
Range Rover press release :
The Orangery, Kensington Palace, London 1st July 2010 – The first
official picture of the all-new compact Range Rover is released today,
following an exclusive preview in London for guests attending a 40th
birthday celebration of Range Rover held in partnership with VOGUE
Named the Range Rover Evoque, this all-new coupé will
join the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport line-up in the summer of
2011. It will be the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient Range
Rover ever produced. Customers have a choice of both a 4WD and a 2WD
version, with a sub 130g/km CO2 demonstrating the Range Rover brand’s
commitment to environmental sustainability.
Phil Popham, managing
director of Land Rover said: "Today is a very special occasion for Range
Rover, not only are we celebrating 40 years of the brand, we are also
demonstrating our exciting future by showing the all-new Range Rover
Evoque. Range Rover is one of the most highly regarded and iconic
vehicles in the history of motoring and has been a continuing success
since we first introduced it in 1970. The all-new Range Rover Evoque, is
an important step for the future continued success and growth of the
brand. Customers can be confident that the new car will be premium,
luxurious and just as special as the other Range Rover models. Its
sporting looks and unique qualities will open the brand to a new group
of customers who may not have considered a Range Rover product before.
all-new Range Rover Evoque will be built at our multi-award winning
plant in Halewood, creating 1,000 new jobs in the Merseyside area, a
fantastic boost to the UK economy. The Halewood plant has a reputation
for excellence and quality and is recognised throughout the industry as a
leader in Lean Manufacturing.
"The all-new Range Rover Evoque is a
true global car and will be sold in over 160 countries. It was important
to give the car a name that was instantly recognisable through language
and cultural boundaries throughout the world. We wanted to create a new
name which was innovative and different. A name which implies
exclusivity and arouses emotions. Evoque is cosmopolitan and
cross-continental, sophisticated and matches the car’s urban elegance,"
he added.
Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director said: "The Range
Rover is an iconic design that has stood the test of time and it’s not
difficult to see why. Like the current version, the original Range Rover
is such a simple and memorable shape that is easily recognisable.
all-new Range Rover Evoque marks a bold evolution of Range Rover
design, providing customers with a desirable, premium and compact car
like SUV. In 2008 we introduced the LRX concept car: after a positive
reception worldwide, the natural step for the business was to turn the
LRX concept car into reality. Tonight we wanted to show the world that
we have stayed true to our word and delivered a car that completely
represents the spirit of the LRX concept.
"The all-new Range Rover
Evoque will resonate with customers on an emotional level. Its unique
silhouette accentuated by the distinctive falling roof and dramatic
rising waistline creates a modern and relevant execution of the familiar
Range Rover design language. This car makes a powerful statement of the
Range Rover’s brand intent to appeal to a wider audience," he added.
all-new Range Rover Evoque will make its global public debut at the
Paris Motor Show at the end of September and will go on sale from next

Source: Land Rover