An interesting project named the RZ Ultima Concept coming from Racer X Design who decided to take the already impressive Ultima GTR and make it an overall better supercar by working on its exterior shape.
As far as performance it is only normal that things will be left untouched as the Ultima GTR with its two powering versions 640 bhp (477 kW) on the GTR640 and 720 bhp (537 kW) on the GTR720 provided by American Speed, is already one of the meanest cars on the planet, holding records like the fastest 0 to 100 mph (160 Km/h) acceleration time – 5.3 seconds, fastest deceleration time 100 mph (160 Km/h) to 0 mph in 3.6 seconds and others.
The RZ Ultima Concept will also use the same chassis found on the Ultima GTR, while the exterior has been redesigned for a smoother, more conventional supercar shape.

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Source: Racer X Design