The in–house developed connected infotainment service,
‘QorosQloud’, from new international car brand, Qoros, will introduce
several capabilities never before seen in a production vehicle,
bringing a new perspective to the way motorists interact with their

‘QorosQloud’ will offer a range of easy-to-use entertainment,
navigation, communication, and vehicle monitoring functions that
connect with the Windows Azure cloud platform, which was publically
previewed in China earlier today.
Windows Azure will be operated in China by 21ViaNet.
Microsoft Corp.
will be the first multinational organization to make public cloud
services available in China. Because Windows Azure also has a strong
presence in Europe, Microsoft is the ideal partner for Qoros as it
develops a range of cars for sale in both markets. Qoros is the first
car maker in China to bring in-car infotainment services to market
that use Windows Azure.

Accessed through an advanced eight-inch infotainment touchscreen which
will be fitted as standard to the full range of Qoros models,
QorosQloud services can also be accessed via the user’s smartphone,
tablet, PC or Mac, which can seamlessly connect through the Windows
Azure cloud.

QorosQloud creates a closer connection than ever between driver,
vehicle and the digital world, enabling motorists to remain always
connected to navigation and traffic information, their social
networks, and the car’s condition, maintenance and service

Source: Qoros