Porsche may have expanded its model range with the Cayenne SUV, something which was unthinkable more than 10 years ago, but their identity as a brand is still strongly connected to the 911.
With the introduction of the 7th generation 911, the German company has published a new promo which talks about the model’s evolutionary design. Porsche explains how everything evolved and was reinvented without forgetting the origins.
Their goal as always is to be the first, and some of the ingredients that were packed into this latest 911 include "sports car fascination, tears of joy and plenty of emotion". Simply put, the automaker has once again given the 2012 911 an identity, something which is crucial in the sports car niche.
"Instantly recognisable and originally engineered for the racetrack, it
continues to stir the emotions today, just as it did in 1963." 
Promo: 2012 Porsche 911 Identity

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Source: Porsche