According to our colleagues from Auto Bild, Porsche is working on a new crossover. As you expect, the third SUV made by the guys from Stuttgart will be placed below Macan and will adopt the same styling. 

The baby Porsche crossover will be out before the end of the decade and it will be previewed by a concept that will arrive in a couple of years. According to the same report, the new crossover will be more aggressive than Macan and Cayenne and it is expected to have a more sloped roofline. 

The rear-wheel drive will come in standard, but for more money you will be able to get an all-wheel drive arrangement. For now there are no details about the platform, engines or price. 

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But this won’t be the only new member found in Porsche plans. The same report says we can expect to see a baby Panamera that could get an electric vision as seen on the new Mission E Concept.

Source: Auto Bild