Porsche had a 2018 with great succes. This time, the officials have decided to reword their employees with a great amount of money for the great results. 

The sports car manufacturer increased deliveries by 4% to 256,255 vehicles in 2018. Revenue leapt by 10% to €25.8 billion; at the same time, net operating profit rose by 4% to €4.3 billion, and return on investment was 16.6%. The workforce grew by around 9%, to 32,325 employees. 

This reward is in recognition of the extraordinary dedication and commitment of all staff at Porsche. The bonus itself will consist of two main parts: 9.000 euros will be paid to the Porsche workforce as a performance bonus for the 2018 financial year. 700 euros will be set aside as a special contribution to the Porsche VarioRente pension scheme or a personal pension fund. 

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According to Porsche, about 25,000 employees will get their bonuses.