The Stuttgart based car maker launched a new range on calendars for 2010. There will be three Porsche wall calendars and an appointments diary available under the “Driver’s Perspective” motto, all featuring images that highlight the passion for sports cars. The three wall calendars are the official 2010 Porsche calendar, the ‘style calendar’ and the historical Porsche calendar.
The main focus for the new Porsche calendar are the Panamera models and a collector’s coin showing the motto and the year will also be offered.
The Porsche calendar price is 35 Euros including tax and will go on sale this month.
Porsche press release :
Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart will once again be offering a wide range of calendars for the coming year. There is a choice of three wall calendars and an appointments diary, which will give plenty of pleasure far beyond the year 2010.
Moving with Porsche all year round: the official Porsche 2010 calendar is a must for any Porsche driver. Under the motto “Driver’s Perspective”, it lets the images do the talking and highlights the passion for the Zuffenhausen sports cars from the personal point of view of drivers. The focus of the calendar is especially on the new Panamera models. The images continue on all twelve pages of the calendar to demonstrate the fascination and variety of the current range of cars. Each picture is a spectacular colour photograph. For all Porsche fans, the calendar is traditionally available with a collector’s coin which shows the motto and the year. The calendar measures 59×55.5 centimetres, costs 35 euros including VAT and will be on sale from mid-October.
The “style calendar” is traditionally created by Porsche designers from the Development Centre in Weissach. This year it pays tribute to extraordinary sporting performance and individual exclusivity. Entitled “designed 4 ambition” it features the new four-door Porsche Panamera with the number four playing a special role.
This means that the various pages of the calendar take a close look at the new series in a range of ambitious images and show how functionality, performance, exclusivity and superior style are reflected in the design of the Panamera. The wall calendar measures 70 x 50 centimetres and is supplied with a CD-ROM which contains a screen saver and a short film. To match the fourth series of Porsche cars, the calendar is available in a limited edition of 4,000 copies. It costs 57 euros including VAT and is available now.
The historical Porsche calendar bears the title “One of a kind” and provides exclusive insights into previously hidden sports cars. Some of these cars are signs of the times whilst others were created as a result of efforts to find the best possible technology and the most competitive car – but only one of each of them was ever built. A spiral binding splits the 30×42 centimetres calendar vertically down the centre (when unfolded it measures 60×42 centimetres) so that it can be kept in the sleeve it is supplied in well after 31 December 2010 as part of a collection. It is priced at 35 euros including VAT.
The Porsche Museum Zuffenhausen presents fascinating milestones from a whole era of automotive history, a place which contains a lot of histories around the company Porsche. The new Porsche timer “The Porsche idea in the Porsche Museum” is a neat embodiment of this idea – in the form of an appointments diary with a high quality finish containing images from the Porsche Museum and the exhibits on show there. With a spiral binding in DIN A5 format it costs 38 euros including VAT.
The three calendars and the appointments diary can be ordered on the Internet at and will also be available from the Porsche Museumshop in Stuttgart and from Porsche Centres from mid-October 2009. Some of these products may be available only in certain countries.

Source: Porsche