The tuners from mcchip dkr lead by company’s CEO, Danny Kibasik have created a performance upgrade for the sixth generation Porsche 997 GT2.
The kit consists of modified turbochargers (Stage 3/MC650), high performance charge air coolers, 200-cell sport catalysts and manifolds from Cargraphic and Stage 3 software optimization program from KUBATECH. The Porsche 997 GT2 is a performance coupe which delivers 530 HP and 680 Nm of torque as standard, but after receiving all the upgrades mentioned above, the rear positioned 3.6-litre engine gets boosted to no less than 657 HP and 835 Nm.
mcchip dkr says they could have easily raised the level of torque at 900 Nm, but they maintained it at 835 Nm in order to keep things ‘civilised’. In other words more torque would have had a negative effect on driveability.
For those who want to purchase the Porsche 997 GT2 performance kit from mcchip dkr should known the upgrade takes six to eight working days and it costs close to 23,000 Euro.

Source: mcchip-dkr