Automobiles Peugeot recorded 1,700,000 sales worldwide of assembled and CKD vehicles in 2012. 
three quarters of the drop (-19.6% compared to 2011) was accounted for by the interruption during the first half of the year of deliveries of CKD kits to Iran Kodhro (amounting to 313,000 units), a consequence of the strengthening of international sanctions against Iran.
On the other hand, the sales of assembled vehicles, at 1,555,000 units, fell back 6.1% compared to 2011.
n 2012, with 279,000 units, the sales worldwide of the Marque’s “Premium” models represented a fifth of sales of assembled vehicles.
Sales of the 508, including its HYbrid4 derivatives were 121,000 units, particularly in Europe and in China and the 3008 / 3008 HYbrid4 Crossover attracted 109,000 customers.
With a volume of 955,000 units (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles), down by 12.6 % compared to 2011 in a very depressed European market ( down 8.6 %), Peugeot recorded a market share of 6.8% (7.1% in 2011) in this area and retains its position of 4th place held since 2010. 

Source: Peugeot