The Italian niche car maker Pagani will say goodbye to the Zonda with a special edition. Dubbed Revolucion, the last version of the Zonda will cost 2.2 million Euros and will come with carbon titanium monocoque architecture. 

The vehicle weights just 1.070 kilograms and under the hood is the outrageous V12 6.0 liter unit that can output 800 horsepower and 730 Nm. The power is sent to the ground via a six speed transversal sequential transmission made from magnesium that can change gears in only 20 ms. 

The stability control was designed by Bosch and has 12 settings while the aerodynamic was improved by using a rear wing inspired by the F1 DRS versions. 

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Brembo designed the brake system that uses F1 technologies derived CCMR discs that can last up to four times longer than the normal ones. 

Source: Pagani