Opel detailed its efforts on developing safety technology for its cars. The Russelsheim-based brand is part of Germany UR:BAN concept, a user oriented assistance systems and network management.
The technology is meant to reduce the number of accidents in Germany with the study of three areas: Cognitive Assistance, Networked Traffic System and Human Factors in Traffic.
First, Opel is developing a system that can steer and avoid a collision if the driver fails to do so. The germans used radars and a camera mounted on the front of the car.
Opel will also facilitate the communication between cars with the help of Car-to-X partners. Information about traffic and green light will be send via internet to drivers, helping them to travel faster or slower to only catch green light.
Last, Opel will use an algorithm to see if the driver can avoid an accident. This way, the warning system will act early or later in case of an accident.