Opel’s presence at this year’s IAA Frankfurt Motor Show is marked by the premiere of the RAK e Concept. This rakish looking, lightweight model is an affordable EV which tips the scale at only 380 Kg and is able to cover 60 miles with no tailpipe emissions.
The Opel RAK e Concept can also travel at a maximum speed of 75 mph, all of this thanks to a 5kWh battery which provides 49 PS of peak power, with at least 14 PS being constantly available.
Based RAK e is  based on a steel spaceframe beneath a body formed from a conventional synthetic material, and just like Audi’s Urban Concept, it tries to provide a solution for mobility in metropolitan areas.
In terms of design the Opel RAK e Concept features a large cockpit canopy with enough roof at the interior to accommodate two people. The front seat, steering column and armrests tip automatically tip forward in order to allow easy access inside the car, and the automaker says this function can also be controlled via a smart phone.
The Opel RAK e measures around 3 meters in length and 119 cm in height, and its minimal running costs, which is up to 10 timer lower per person than a typical small car, make it a great deal for young/technology-savvy customers who are on a tight budget.
The battery inside the RAK e takes three hours to charge. 

Source: Opel