Opel will attend this year RETTmobil show with another addition to its live saver fleet. Opel Mokka emergency vehicle will be the main attraction, as it will join the existing Insignia and Vivaro.
The new Mokka emergency vehicle was customized to be recognized on the street with LED special signaling system, LED front flashers and rear warning lights along with blazing red foliation. Furthermore, the Mokka has a preliminary set-up for analogue and digital networks including a combined roof antenna.
The small SUV will also be able to take technical equipment such as hydraulic shears and spreaders to accident sites that cannot be reached by vans or trucks. The Mokka also carries an emergency backpack so that its crew can also provide vital first aid.
To get there in time, Mokka emergency car will use a 136 hp 1.6-liter turbocharged engine and an all-wheel drive system. The consumption was estimated at 4.7-4.5 l/100 km (50-52 mpg) and CO2 of 124-119 g/km in the combined cycle.