Opel has announced that they are working on a new generation of adaptive headlights. According to the German car manufacturer, the new lights will be able to shine where the driver is looking. 

This cutting-edge technology uses a camera with peripheral infrared sensors and central photo-diodes that are scanning the driver’s eyes more than 50 times per second. As a result, the car will determine where the driver is looking and the headlamps will react and will be able to make both horizontal and vertical adjustments.

In order to prevent the headlights from jerking around erratically, the engineers have developed a sophisticated delay algorithm which will ensure a flowing movement that will be subtle. 

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“We’ve been pursuing this concept of controlling the direction and intensity of light based on where the driver is looking for around two years. The more we understand the benefits of this technology, the more intensively we push ahead with our joint project", said Opel’s Director of Lighting Technology, Ingolf Schneider.

Source: Opel