The new Opel Astra GTC has just received a cool new feature : a panoramic windscreen which enables "heavenly views and cinematic vistas" that is also adding a further luxurious note to the car.
This large windscreen stretches all the way to the middle of the car’s roof and in contrast to other glass roofs, this one has no transverse spar that reduces visibility. Opel says that passengers in the rear will also be able to enjoy something similar to what pilots experience under light plane canopies, and if this optional extra is something that you want for your Astra GTC the you should know that it costs 1,200 Euro including tax.
Apart from this panoramic windscreen Opel is also expanding the diesel engine spectrum available for the Astra GTC by introducing two new CDTI Common-Rail turbo units with a capacity of 1.7-litres.
These engines are delivering 110 HP (81 kW) and 280 Nm of torque or 130 HP (96 kW) and 300 Nm of torque, with the least powerful one enabling fuel consumption and emission figures on the Astra GTC 1.7 CDTI ecoFLEX of 4.5-litres per 100 Km and 119 g/Km.
The automaker has also mentioned that in January 2012 will introduce a 6-speed automatic transmission for the current 1.4-litre turbo gasoline engin and the 2.0 CDTI turbo diesel.   

Source: Opel