The Opel Astra ecoFLEX price for the company’s home market was announced today, with the automaker also mentioning that that the extended-range electric version will go on sale in 2011.
The Opel Astra ecoFLEX extracts power from a 1.3-litre CDTI engine that packs 95 HP (70 kW) and 190 Nm of torque and which uses a 5-speed manual gearbox and comes with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) as standard.
In a combined cycle the Opel Astra ecoFLEX will consume only 4.1-litres of fuel per 100 Km, and this level of efficiency was achieved thanks to a number of factors that include aerodynamic improvements, the exhaust gas recirculation system, the car’s turbo charger with variable geometry and others.
The Opel Astra ecoFLEX price for Germany will start at 19,390 Euro. 
Opel press release :
Rüsselsheim. With CO2 emissions of just 109 g/km and combined fuel consumption of 4.1 liters per 100 km, the new Astra 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX brings even greater efficiency to Opel’s recently launched compact car. Thanks to a raft of mechanical and aerodynamic improvements, the customer will profit from tax benefits in many European countries. All this, packed in a beautiful design as the Astra ecoFLEX comes wrapped in the same sculptured package as the new generation Astra. Prices start at 19,390 euros in Germany.
The Astra ecoFLEX uses the ultra-economical 1.3 CDTI 70 kW/95 hp turbo diesel engine. Torque also goes up to a plentiful 190 Nm between 1,750 and 3,250 rpm. The multivalve 1.3 CDTI engine uses a common rail, multiple fuel injection system working at a pressure of 1,600 bar and a turbo charger with variable geometry. The improved exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) also has an additional cooling function that helps reduce emissions. The Astra 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX is mated to a five-speed manual transmission optimized to obtain a high fuel economy. The engine features a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) as standard.
The Astra ecoFLEX improves its aerodynamic performance using an active aero shutter fitted to the front grille. It opens to allow air to pass the engine at low vehicle speeds and then automatically closes at higher speeds to smooth the airflow at the front of the car. This system is complemented by carefully-tuned aerodynamics on the underside of the car. To help drivers exploit the car’s full eco credentials, a gear change-up light is standard on all Opel ecoFLEX models.
The Astra ecoFLEX is part of Opel’s ecoFLEX diesel range of low CO2-emitting cars, which include the 98 g Corsa and the 136 g Insignia. Opel is investing some one billion euros in new powertrains on its way to establish clean mobility. This starts with right-sizing the powertrain line up, offering alternative fuels like LPG and CNG and introducing start/stop technology. It will extend to new, alternative propulsion systems like extended-range electric vehicles and all-battery electric vehicles and hybrid.
The Astra ecoFLEX will be one of the cars taking part in Opel’s ecoFLEX Experience, a European competition where ambitious entrants can flex their fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly driving skills. The competition started April 1 and the winner will take home one of the first Opel Ampera cars ever built. The extended-range electric vehicle will go on sale in 2011.

Source: Opel