The rumors referring to an 850 HP version Dacia Duster competing in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb challenge have been confirmed.
Renault said it will use their experience gained in the Trophe Andros ice-racing series, and will enter the legendary American competition with a car developed by its Sport Technologies division in collaboration with Tork Engineering.
The 850 HP Dacia Duster is being developed at the request of Jean-Philippe Dayraut and his VIP Challenge team, and will comply with the technical regulation that govern the Pikes Peak hill climb. 
Technical details regarding the Dacia Duster Pikes Peak challenger will be offered in the following weeks, so stay tuned.     
Renault press release :
Dacia Duster to take on Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
An exciting new challenge awaits the Renault Group’s brand Dacia in the form of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. True to character, Dacia, which has forged a solid reputation for delivering vehicles that boast an unrivalled performance and equipment package for their price, has decided to tackle the world’s most exacting hill climb in the state of Colorado (USA).
Dacia will build on the experience it has gained in France’s Troph?e Andros ice-racing series (which has harvested two consecutive runner-up titles in association with the four-time F1 Champion Alain Prost) to enter a special version of Duster for the legendary American competition. The car will be prepared by Renault Sport Technologies.
With two straight runner-up crowns for Duster Glace under the brand’s belt in the Troph?e Andros, Dacia’s ambitions are growing steadily as it continues to expand on the international front thanks to the values that have inspired its success, namely the marketing of quality, reliable vehicles with an affordable price tag.
The latest challenge to which Dacia has decided to rise is the world’s most famous hill climb, Pikes Peak. This year’s event will take place in the state of Colorado (USA) on June 26.
Belying the celebrated maxim of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, Dacia “doesn’t” believe that the main thing is simply taking part and has enlisted the driving services of three-time Troph?e Andros winner and ice-racing star Jean-Philippe Dayraut. In partnership with Jean-Philippe’s own operation, “VIP Challenge”, Renault Sport Technologies and Tork Engineering are working on an 850-horsepower Dacia Duster developed specially to comply with the technical regulations that govern the Pikes Peak hill climb and to meet the exacting requirements of the “Race to the Clouds” itself.
In a few weeks’ time, we will provide you with further information about this programme, including the technical characteristics of this one-off Dacia Duster…

Source: Renault