Those who want a small car but supercar performance can now choose the ltest tuning program from Oettinger, based on the current generation Volkswagen Golf R and introduced for the first time during Worthersee festival.
The new Oettinger 500R Racing Design Package super sports car has grown in width by 100 millimeters. Under the hood we have a modified 2.5 liter TFSI five-cylinder in-line engine with a modified turbocharger and map adaptation works at the engine control unit.
The Oettinger 500R has a downpipe with sports catalysts and a double-flow cat-running racing exhaust system. In order to go on the racetrack on time hunting gear, differential lock and clutch have been adapted.
The full engine power of 518 hp is on at 6100 rpm. The maximum torque amounts to 680 Nm at 3600 rpm. Equipped with six-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive, the supercar impresses with an incredible 3.4 seconds from zero to 100 and a top speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. The power to weight ratio is 2.83 kilograms per hp.
The Oettinger 500R is offered as a limited edition. A price is not yet known, but it is likely to start at the entry level of 150,000 euros. Additional output levels of 600, 650 and 750 hp will follow shortly.