Despite the fact that the new Lamborghini Aventador is a machine that looks unique and is powerful enough as standard, tuning companies like Oakely Design will always think differently. A touch of extra exclusivity and a boost in performance will always be appreciated, so that’s why Oakely have developed a series of upgrades for the LP700-4.
Complete details regarding the Oakley Lamborghini Aventador are still on their way, but for now we know that the kit will include a custom/weight optimised titanium exhaust system, a lowered suspension and revised engine electronics which will allow an output increase of around 60 HP.
Oakely Design is also expected to further shave around 50 additional kilos of the Aventador’s weight by transforming the car’s all-wheel drive system into rear wheel drive. This would appeal to the more experienced drivers looking for ‘new’ thrills behind the wheel of the Aventador.
Also instead of LP700-4 the new kit from Oakely Design will use badged as the 760-2.  

Source: Oakley Design