British tuner Oakley Design, who is mostly known for its customized Porsche models, has released details with their latest project, which this time involves the Ferrari 458 Italia.
The Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia will debut at the 2010 SEMA Show featuring a set of custom forged HRE P40S Monoblok wheels, and a 5 percent boost in performance. So instead of producing 540 HP and 567 Nm the Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia unleashes 562 HP and 618 Nm of torque thanks to a revised ECU, a larger air intake box, and various other tweaks. 
Aerodynamics have also been improved through elements like new front and rear spoilers that add more downforce, new side sills, and rear underbody diffuser.
The Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia performance figures indicate there are now only 3.0 seconds needed to reach 60 mph from a standstill, while top speed has climbed to 330 Km/h.  
Oakley Design press release :
San Diego, Calif. (October 2010) – Jon Oakley and his well-respected British tuning firm Oakley Design is known for finely honed Porsche GT2, GT3 and Panamera conversions. Now Oakley has turned its attention to Maranello’s latest sports car, and the result is a more refined, powerful and ultra-exclusive Ferrari 458 Italia with hypercar acceleration times and single-digit exclusivity. The Oakley Design 458 comes equipped exclusively with HRE custom forged P40S Monoblok wheels, and one of the first production models will debut at the 2010 SEMA Show in the HRE booth – South Hall #45027. 
Power is boosted by ten percent from 562hp to 618hp, while torque is bumped up five percent from 540 Nm to 567 Nm. The increase in output comes from a remapped ECU, a larger carbon-fiber air intake box, larger ram air feeds and larger diameter white silicon pipes with Oakley Design logos connecting the air boxes to the intake.
Aerodynamics are improved with a front spoiler that "adds 45kg of down force" to the front end at speeds of 150 mph (241 km/h).  The new rear spoiler with a Gurney flap adds 25kg of downforce.  At the same time, airflow is improved with the central radiator vent, radiator exhausts next to the headlights, stylized side sills, and new rear and underbody diffuser.
Wheels have been upgraded to lightweight, high-strength custom forged alloys manufactured for Oakley Design by HRE. The wheels offer a larger footprint while actually reducing overall weight when compared to the factory OEM wheel. This reduction in unsprung mass improves handling, braking and even acceleration.
The Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia reaches 60mph in 3.0 seconds, a 0.4-second improvement.  The car tops out higher than 330 km/h.  Those wanting the Oakley Design tuning kit, but not able to get one of the five limited edition models, can purchase parts individually from the firm. Production will be limited to just 5 cars, each bearing a unique build number plaque. Outside of this Limited Edition model, individual parts will also be made available for clients who do not require the complete package.

Source: Oakley Design