Even if Lamborghini is building one of the most powerful cars on the market, there are tuners that try to enhance even more the performance of the supercars from Sant Agata Bolognese.

Novitec is one of the specialists. Even in a sports car, there is no such thing as having too much power. That is why NOVITEC developed a high-performance exhaust system for the 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder engine. 

It bumps the peak power to 763 hp, while increasing peak torque at the same time to 732 Nm. The variant of the NOVITEC exhaust system made from the especially light INCONEL, which is also the material of choice in Formula 1 racing, delivers weight savings of 21 kilograms.

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The naturally aspirated V12 engine of the Lamborghini Aventador S with a displacement of 6,498 cc produces an output of 740 hp ex-factory.

To allow the engine to exhale more freely and thereby optimize the performance, the NOVITEC engineers developed tailor-made high-performance exhaust systems, which are available in different versions.

Depending on the version, the NOVITEC exhaust systems produce up to 23 hp more power and up to 42 Nm more torque. With an output of 763 hp at 8,400 rpm and an equally impressive peak torque of 732 Nm at 5,900 rpm, the all-wheel-drive two-seater accelerates from rest to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 350 km/h.

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The NOVITEC exhaust systems also offer a choice of coming with or without actively controlled exhaust flaps – optionally also by radio remote command from the cockpit. In addition, the tuning product range also comprises even lighter and more efficient sports catalysts.

The NOVITEC rocker panels, the carbon mirror covers and the new side air intakes at the rear side windows, which optimize the supply of fresh air to the engine, redefine the view from the side.

The NOVITEC NL3 wheels for the Lamborghini feature an equally unmistakable design. They are manufactured by US manufacturer Vossen using forging technology. Since the Aventador S is optionally also available with center lock wheels ex-factory, the one-piece NOVITEC rims come in two tailor-made variants.