Mehyar Daneshmand is an aspiring car mechanic from Duesseldorf, Germany, and this is his Nissan Silvia S15 siting on Tupac Shaft custom rims.
The one-piece Dotz Tupac Shaft rims are available in sizes 17, 18 or 19 inch featuring a white/polished finish and the company says the rim design is a limited edition.
Besides these custom rims this particular Nissan Silvia received extensive body work with a massive spoiler at the back and a grey body finish, and the owner is considering testing his Tupac Shaft wheels wrapped in 255 and 275 Toyo Proxes tires by entering the drift scene.
We don’t know if this Nissan Silvia received any power upgrades, but in standard form the car produces 250 horsepower.
IKmedia press release :
Tuning martial arts – Nissan Silvia with Dotz Tupac Shaft rims
Mehyar Daneshmand from the German city of Duesseldorf is an aspiring car mechanic. His
Nissan Silvia S15 running on Tupac Shaft rims already gives proof of his talents in this field. When it comes to the coolest cars, the Dotz Team Rider is already dominating the hood. His rocket from the Land of the Rising Sun represents real tuning martial arts. Despite the extensive body kit and a massive spoiler on the boot lid, the subtle grey paintwork gives the Nissan also a noble appeal. The Shaft model is distinguished from the regular Dotz Tupac rims by its white paintwork. The contrast with the dark rubber of the giant 255 and 275 Toyo Proxes makes the wheels a real eye-catcher. Additional design stripes and Dotz logo stickers from the Dotz Custom Finish Program make these rims really unique.
Considering the Nissan Silvia, even the basic model is rare in most European countries. In Germany the model was previously distributed under the alternative name 200 SX, but this does not apply to the S15 generation, which was built in Japan only from 1999 to 2002. Therefore, Mehyar had to transport his car from Nippon himself. Although the newer Silvia models are rare, they quickly became “it-cars” in the professional drift scene. Connoisseurs of the alternative way of drive rely on Dotz rims, of course; after all, the brand is doing its best to support the drift scene. Numerous Team Riders have been successful in this sport. Mehyar Daneshmand might also fancy giving it a try in the near future, sliding sideways on his Tupac Shaft. After all, the Silvia has enough power – the turbo version reaches standard values of 250 hp. We guess: Mehyar’s career will soon be on the move – but not on a straight-line!
Dotz Tupac Shaft: Details & facts:
Dimensions: 8×17“, 8×18“, 8,5×19“, 9,5×19“
Finish: white/polished
Type: cast, one-piece
Special features:
Custom finish rim design
Limited edition 

Source: IKmedia