Curious to find out what Nissan will showcase at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show? Well they have announced the exhibition highlights yesterday, and mentioned a smart urban EV called the Pivo 3 scheduled to be exposed close to two other electric concepts, the ESFLOW and the TOWNPOD
The Nissan Pivo 3 EV Concept is an urban commuter which can accommodate up to three people, with the driver taking the central position inside the cabin. This pure electric car measures 3 metres in length, has in-wheel motors and narrow-tread rear tires with wide steering angles that enable it to make a U-turn on a 4 meters wide road.
With its high-grade interior featuring white premium leather and a futuristic looking dash, the Nissan PIVO 3 EV Concept is also equipped with an Automated Valet Parking (AVP) system that enables the car to drive itself to the nearest available parking space "in the infrastructure equipped parking lots envisioned for the future".
The PIVO 3 can also charge itself and return ot its driver when called by smartphone.

Source: Nissan