As one of the most important partners of Uefa Champions League Competition, Nissan had a very interesting idea for the final confrontation between Barcelona and Juventus. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled a special vehicle, called Part e-Van, based on the 100% electric e-NV200.
Some of the unique van’s standout attributes include a dazzling disco ball solar panel array on the roof which absorbs daylight to power some of this one-off vehicle’s features, an augmented reality system where users will be able to jump into their own party scene before sharing it with friends on social media and a custom-made sound system capable of throwing the best silent disco party.
Following its debut in Berlin the PART e-VAN will go on a European road show with its second stop scheduled for the endurance racing spectacle, 24 Hours of Le Mans, before travelling throughout Europe.
The van’s key features are a DJ booth on the roof with sound system and silent disco capabilities, a disco ball solar panel array on the roof of the van which feeds power to the van, a cocktail maker which will supply electric-inspired cocktails, two independent augmented reality screens on the side panels of the vehicle which allow users to join their own party in a virtual reality, an LED dance floor at the back of the vehicle, a fridge for drinks and a six metre high light-up canopy.