Even though the Nissan Micra was unveiled a couple of days ago this hasn’t stopped X-Tomi Design to imagine a Nismo version of the Japanese model. Yes, it’s true that a sporty version of the Micra won’t come out so soon, but it is not against the law to dream. 

As you can imagine, the Hungarian designer has made some interesting tweaks on the outside of the car. The fog lights were replaced with some special LEDs, the air intakes are bigger and the front spoiler is sportier. There are also some new red tweaks and some new wheels. 

“But we won’t just stick a load of stickers on a Micra and bring that over. We are not about to rush headlong into extra models unless they feel right for our market.”  Based on that statement, a hotter version of the new hatchback would definitely be something special”, said Darren Cox, former Nissan boss. 

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As for the new Micra, it will be available with the active Ride Control and Active Trace Control systems and will feature the 0.9 petrol unit and the 1.5 dCi engine. Later, the engine line-up will got bigger with the 1.0 naturally-aspirated 75 HP engine.

Source: X-Tomi