The Japanese car maker has released details with the hybrid version of their luxury sedan which is called the Nissan Fuga Hybrid and which will be available at dealerships across Japan starting from Nov. 2nd.
The Nissan Fuga Hybrid uses a powering system composed from a 3.5-litre VQ35HR V6 engine rated at 306 PS and 350 Nm of torque, plus an electric motor which is linked to an lithium-ion battery pack. Power is sent to the wheels via a seven-speed transmission with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control that eliminates the need of s torque converter and when driving on battery power only, the Nissan Fuga Hybrid can reach speeds of over 100 Km/h (62 mph).
In terms of efficiency, the Nissan Fuga Hybrid is claimed to return 45 mpg (5.2-litres per 100 Km), while some of the technologies and features that are offered as standard include Intelligent Control Assist, Intelligent Cruise Control, Forward
Collision Warning, Intelligent Brake Assist with Emergency Brake Operated
Pre-crash Front Seat Belts, Lane Departure Prevention and Warning and
Vehicle Dynamic Control.  
The Nissan Fuga Hybrid price in Japan starts at 5,77 million Yen (around 72,000 USD), and reaches 6,3 million Yen (78,000 USD) for the range topping version.
Nissan press release :
YOKOHAMA (October 26, 2010) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the new Nissan Fuga Hybrid luxury sedan, which goes on sale November 2nd at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan.
Nissan Fuga Hybrid
Since its launch in November 2009, the current generation Fuga luxury sedan has been acclaimed by customers for its beautiful dynamic design, spacious and comfortable interior, advanced performance and safety technologies, and its responsive, exhilarating driving experience. The new Fuga Hybrid builds on those features, adopting Nissan’s original one-motor two-clutch parallel hybrid system named ‘Intelligent Dual Clutch Control,’ which combines a number of advanced environmental technologies. The new Nissan Fuga Hybrid achieves fuel economy of 19.0 km/L (10-15 mode) – comparable to that of a compact car, while also providing the direct feel and exhilarating driving performance of a luxury vehicle.
The Fuga Hybrid’s ‘Intelligent Dual Clutch Control’ system connects the high-response electric motor and the 3.5-liter VQ35HR V6 engine directly to the transmission, without the use of a traditional torque converter. This simple, highly efficient and lightweight hybrid system contributes to fuel efficiency. In addition, since one of the two clutches completely disconnects the motor from the engine, quiet and highly efficient EV mode driving is realized. Compared to traditional hybrid systems, the electric motor driving range is expanded for high-speed driving (up to over 100km/h on a level highway) and the EV mode is frequently applied, helping the Fuga Hybrid achieve best-in-class fuel economy.
The compact, high-output lithium-ion battery is able to charge/discharge quickly. This contributes to high-speed, precise control of the electric motor and optimum clutch control, which both enable luxury driving with smooth shift quality and sharp, direct acceleration response. The Fuga Hybrid’s new electronic 7-speed hybrid transmission with manual shift mode features optimized shift performance according to the motor’s output characteristics. This combines with the updated 3.5-liter VQ35HR engine with higher efficiency to provide smooth and sustained acceleration.
Also contributing to the Fuga Hybrid’s outstanding sport performance feel are the use of double-piston shock absorbers, and the first-ever application of both the advanced Electro-hydraulic Power Steering system and Electric Driven Intelligent Brake system, providing both high quality riding comfort and sophisticated, exhilarating driving.
The Nissan Fuga Hybrid VIP Package for executives adopts special features, such as power reclining rear seats, a built-in control switch in the rear center armrest, and an electrically operated rear window sunshade. Also offered is the Premium Interior Package, designed to provide an open, high-quality feeling with the extensive use of special materials, including semi-aniline leather with soft-to-the-touch and natural textures. Combined with the Comfort Suspension, the new Nissan flagship car creates exceptional levels of cabin comfort.
Along with its performance, technology and comfort, the new Nissan Fuga Hybrid achieves a 25% improvement in fuel economy over 2010 standards and SU-LEV certification, emitting 75% less exhaust compared to 2005 standards. This luxury sedan also qualifies for the ‘next-generation vehicle’ tax break provided through Japan’s ‘tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles,’ *1 thereby fully exempting it from the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax.
Also, in fiscal year 2010, Nissan introduces its two-pillar strategy to reduce CO2 emissions: ‘Zero Emissions’ and ‘PURE DRIVE’. ‘PURE DRIVE’ vehicles are designed to achieve top-of-class fuel economy for mass-produced vehicles by equipping them with optimal next-generation eco- technologies, such as Idling Stop, Clean Diesel and Hybrid engines. The new Nissan Fuga Hybrid is the third in the series of ‘PURE DRIVE’ vehicles to be introduced in Japan.
● Exterior
    * 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with chrome color coating
    * Available in a choice of seven body colors, including a new Eternal Snow White (a special Titanium Metallic color with Scratch Shield)
● Mechanism and equipment
    * Nissan original one-motor two-clutch parallel hybrid system, ‘Intelligent Dual Clutch Control’
    * High-output lithium-ion battery with a quick charge/discharge function
    * Advanced ‘HM34’ electric motor with maximum power output of 50kW(68PS) and maximum torque of 270N・m(27.5kgf・m)
    * Special engine for hybrid ‘VQ35HR’ with maximum power of 225kW(306PS)/6800rpm and maximum torque of 350N・m(35.7kgf・m)/5000rpm)
    * Electronic 7-speed hybrid transmission with manual shift mode
    * Safety Shield Package with Intelligent Control Assist (Distance Control Assist), Intelligent Cruise Control, FCW (Forward Collision Warning), Intelligent Brake Assist/Emergency Brake Operated Pre-crash Front Seat Belts, LDP (Lane Departure Prevention)/LDW (Lane Departure Warning), VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control including TCS), and ECO-pedal)
    * Electro-hydraulic Power Steering system, which drives the pump by electric motor to generate hydraulic pressure
    * Electric Driven Intelligent Brake, with applied electric type booster
    * Regenerative braking system
    * World’s first adoption*2 of an opposite direction driving warning system, which gives the driver audio and visual warnings when the vehicle detects that it is going in the opposite direction on highways based on the vehicle driving information (vehicle speed, GPS location, map information in the car navigation system)
    * ‘Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians’ (AVSP) system, which makes sound from the start of the vehicle until the vehicle speed reaches 30km/h and when it slows to under 25km/h; it also generates an intermittent sound when the vehicle is in reverse
    * Double-piston shock absorbers, which utilize a double-piston structure to help control damping force according to vibration frequency from the road surface
    * ‘Forest AC’ air conditioning system, with an electric compressor used to operate the air conditioner while the engine is not in motion
● Eco-Drive Support Function
    * Special meter display for the Nissan Fuga Hybrid which shows various information, including operating conditions of the hybrid system (Energy Monitor), battery remaining capacity, Accelerator Guide, ECO-drive Indicator and a liquid-crystal odometer/twin trip meter (with an EV mode travel distance display function)
    * CARWINGS Navigation System, which can simultaneously show Energy Monitor, the average/instant fuel economy and the map on the monitor (HDD system with a terrestrial digital TV tuner)
Price range: 5,775,000 yen to 6,300,000 yen, including consumption tax
   1. *1: By being qualified for the ‘next-generation vehicle’ for the tax break provided in Japan’s ‘tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles,’ Nissan Fuga Hybrid is fully exempt from the automobile acquisition tax on vehicles newly registered by March 31, 2012 and the automobile weight tax on vehicles newly registered by April 30, 2012.
      Meanwhile, the automobile tax on vehicles newly registered by March 31, 2012 is reduced by 50% for one year starting from the next fiscal year following registration.
      Nissan promotes environmentally friendly vehicles that meet government tax incentives under its Nissan ECO (NECO) series. Currently there are 24 models as of October 26, 2010. Models are : Moco, Otti, Roox, March, Note, Cube, Tiida, Tiida Latio, Wingroad, Serena, Elgrand, Juke, Dualis, X-TRAIL, Lafesta, Teana, Skyline Sedan, Fuga, Fuga Hybrid, AD/AD Expert, Caravan, NV200 Vanette, Atlas F24 and Atlas H43.
   2. *2: As of October 2010, according to Nissan.

Source: Nissan