A few months ago, Kia announced a big plan for electrification and expansion. One of the lines said that Kia will soon launch an entire line-up of PBVs or Purpose Built Vehicles.

And today we meet the first one: the Kia Niro Plus. The car is based on the old generation Niro and it was developed for taxi companies and car-sharing businesses. According to Kia, the car will also be available for some other customers but in some certain selected markets.

The car will be offered as a hybrid or an electric, and it is bigger and higher compared to the standard model. Inside, to get some extra room, Kia decided to come up with thiner seats and with a different door cover.

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According to Kia, sales of the new Niro Plus will start soon.

The car manufacturer said that the first dedicated PBV will be a midsize vehicle and will be unveiled in 2025.