As you know, BMW will launch next year the 2015 X6. According to gents from Autocar, the next generation of the German SAC will adopt a more aggressive look and it will be longer. 

The 2015 BMW X6 will ride on the same platform as the X5 and according to a BMW insider who said "we want to give our sporting models a more individual look, further separating them visually from the more practical models in our lineup."

If the new BMW X6 will be longer this means that it will provide more legroom and headroom for the rear passengers. Under the hood, we will probably see the same engines from the X5 sibling. 

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We are talking about a variety of inline 6 cylinder gasoline and diesel units, some petrol V8s and a plug-in hybrid. The next generation of the 2015 BMW X6 is expected to make its international debut at the 2014 Moscow Motor Show.