Last year, Porsche managed to deliver 256,255 vehicles around the world which means a new record for the German car manufacturer. We are talking about a 4% incresea in total deliveries compared to 2017.

The most thriving model in terms of volume was the Macan SUV. Last year, Porsche delivered 86,021 Macan units, 11% less than 2017. The second most sold vehicle in Porsche line-up was another SUV: the Cayenne. In 2018, Porsche sold 71,458 units, a rose with 12% compared to 2017. 

The last position of the podium was achieved by Porsche Panamera (38,443 units) who rose by 38% compared to 2017. Last year, Porsche also delivered 35,573 units of 911 sports car and another 24,750 units of 718 Boxster/Cayman. 

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The biggest market for Porsche in 2018 was China with 80,108 units delivered in total (+12%). USA was the second largest market for Porsche with 57,202 (+3%) vehichle delivered in 2018.