McLaren’s boss, Ron Dennis has recently revealed fresh details about the new generation F1 supercar in an interview offered to the Australians from Drive.
Internally known as the P12, the upcoming McLaren F1 will debut in May 2012, and if you are already trying to imagine how fast the new F1 will be in terms of top speed, then stop, because as Dennis pointed out, that is the first thing we should discard in "today’s society".
Instead, the F1’s successor will come with a complete performance package, a carbon monocoque such as the one featured by the current MP4-12C and a 3.8-litre bi-turbo V8 linked to an electric motor that will help the car to deliver at least 800 HP.
The new McLaren F1 will be entirely different from the MP4-12C in terms of design, while production is expected to be limited to around 500 exemplars.