MUGEN introduced new parts for 9th Gen CIVIC sold through overseas affiliated companies of Honda Motor in each Asian market. Details will be informed to each dealer considering market needs and timing.

Parts including body kit, lightweight and highly rigid forged aluminum wheels, functional but ventilated visors excellent in design at the same time are prepared for 9th Gen CIVIC under the concept "PRESTIGIOUS SPORTS" to emphasize on characteristics of the CIVIC, "Sporty" and "Driving pleasure." Along with those parts, as the renowned MUGEN performance part, a high exhaust efficiency sports silencer is also added into its lineups.

The front sports grille comes with H emblem. Characteristically-designed high mount type rear wing which does not interfere with rear view of the driver, and the rear under spoiler with the diffuser-like design. We believe combination of those parts can make MUGEN CIVIC look quite aggressive. The sports silencer tuned exclusively for the CIVIC can not only contribute to excellent in design of CIVIC but also satisfy the customers expecting sporty driving.

Source: Honda