Do you know that there is a statist egarding the color of trucks ordered around the world? Not only small passenger cars have such a statistic. 

A new graphic illustrates the most and least popular truck colors of 2017. Using search data available on, the team at Performance Truck Products was able to determine the most popular truck paint colors of 2017. While common fleet colors white and silver dominate sales, same as in the passenger segment. Black, red, blue, and gold paint colors are also fairly popular.

A color chart created by Performance Truck Products shows which colors are most popular for 2017:

– White trucks account for 30% of available vehicles
– Gray and silver trucks were next, accounting for 25% of available vehicles
– Black was right behind gray with 23% of available vehicles

The next highest percentages were red trucks (12%), and blue trucks (7%), gold, brown, and beige trucks combined account for only 3% of available vehicles, orange, yellow, and green trucks are the least popular, accounting for less than 1% of sales.