Along with launching the new Mobilize brand, dedicated to car sharing, Renault also launched a car that will be used by people who want to travel and not own a car.

The EZ-1 Prototype exemplifies the goals of the Mobilize brand and embodies the brand’s design vision: service at the heart of vehicle design. EZ-1 Prototype is a new urban mobility solution that is designed for shared use. As such, it is going to be offered in an innovative way: users will only pay for what they use, in terms of drive-time or mileage. The vehicle is fully connected for simple multi-driver sharing: it comes with keyless access and interacts with users via their smartphone.

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Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype is a compact and agile electric vehicle for two people. Its architectural model means it is only 2.3 metres long and has a minimal footprint. Featuring top-to-bottom glass doors it gives users a completely uninterrupted view of the surrounding urban landscape. Agile, dynamic and inclusive, it works seamlessly in the urban world.

The EZ-1 Prototype features an innovative battery exchange system. An alternative to the traditional charging infrastructure, which means the vehicle can be used non-stop without having to be out of service.