After it amazed everyone during this year Paris Motor Show, Mitsubishi stormed also the Los Angeles Motor Show with the same eX Concept, a compact SUV with a next-generation EV system.

The concept car is a showcase of Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle (EV) technologies, a new iteration of the Dynamic Shield front design concept, autonomous driving capabilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as a vast range of other technologies.

eX Concept is a vision for a unique 100 percent electric-powered compact SUV aimed at the fast-growing compact SUV market. The front end is a new interpretation of the Dynamic Shield front design concept found in Mitsubishi’s current product lineup.

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The system is configured from a new drive battery that improves on the energy density of previous batteries as well as front and rear compact high-output motors. Together with the reduction in weight and higher efficiency of the new EV system, a non-compromising reduction in the weight of the body has given the MITSUBISHI eX Concept a cruising range of 400km (248.5 miles). 

This drivetrain delivers 94 horsepower to both front and rear wheels for a total output of 188 horsepower of power.

The Twin Motor 4WD drivetrain incorporates the S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control system that uses braking to control the front wheels and a transfer mechanism (Active Yaw Control) that varies torque split between the rear wheels.

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The driver can select between three different drive modes to extract the full performance of the S-AWC system. AUTO mode uses sensors and cameras which monitor and feedback road surface conditions to the S-AWC control unit so that it automatically selects the optimum drive mode for the surface conditions encountered along the route. GRAVEL delivers optimum traction and drive on unpaved roads and in heavy rain while SNOW delivers optimum handling on snow-covered or other slippery surfaces.