We are all familiar with Mitsubishi’s plans of discontinuing the Evo range, and just as everyone was starting to get used to this sad idea, Road and Track informs us that there still might be hope afterall.
According to one of their sources, Osamu Masuko, president of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation who is still firm on his position against participating in motorsports, has been heard discussing plans of producing a green, high performance car which according to speculations might be badged as an Evo afterall.
Previous rumors have already reported that the upcoming Mitsubishi Evo XI would be either diesel or hybrid, but based on these latest details, it seems the Japanese automaker will choose the latter, with the car expected to feature a platform that uses electric motors backed by lithium-ion batteries, much like the ones seen on the PX-MiEV concept showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009.
Also part of Mitsubishi Evo XI’s hybrid powertrain will be a 1.6-litre gasoline engine which will run on its own or in parallel with the electric motors, both feeding power to the car’s S-AWC all-wheel-drive system.
If Mitsubishi will indeed use the same petrol engine featured on the PX-MiEV then it means there’s no turbocharging.

Source: Road & Track