The winner of this year’s edition 2010 Miss Tuning World Bodensee has been announced. Her name is Kristin Zipper, a 26 year old model from Germany who competed in the show’s final stages with Jennifer Ziegener placed second and Iren Then place third.
The 2010 Miss Tuning has been crowned by last year’s winner, 20 year old Martina Ivezaj who said she made plenty of interesting contacts during here time as the tuning industry babe, and that she will continue working as a model.
Kristin Zipper has received the keys to her new Nissan Micra and as part of the Tuning World Bodensee tradition, she will be featured in this year’s calendar for which the shooting will take place in North America. 

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Video: 2010 Tuning World Bodensee babes